Salmon-Safe Vineyard Certification

Reduce runoff and enhance native biodiversity of your vineyard

Salmon-Safe is a leading U.S. certifier of ecologically sustainable viticulture with more than 350 Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia vineyards transitioned to certification.

Salmon-Safe for winegrowing focuses on reducing vineyard runoff, water quality protection, and enhancement of native biodiversity on vineyard sites.

There’s more than one way for vineyard operators to earn Salmon-Safe certification. Salmon-Safe’s primary Oregon and Washington vineyard certification program is operated in partnership with Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE), modeled after European standards for Integrated Production certification by the IOBC (International Organization for Biological Control).

Organic vineyards seeking Salmon-Safe certification are certified by Oregon Tilth, the leading West Coast certifier of organic farms. Oregon Tilth offers Salmon-Safe inspection as an optional water quality and habitat overlay during routine organic inspection.

Salmon-Safe and Demeter have harmonized standards so that West Coast vineyards that achieve biodynamic certification also earn Salmon-Safe certification.

Most recently, Salmon-Safe is joining with Sustainable WA to offer Salmon-Safe as an overlay certification for Washington winegrowers.

Salmon-Safe vineyard certification is valid for three years, subject to annual verification.

Qualifying Candidates

  • + Wine grape growers in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.
  • + Winegrowers utilizing integrated pest management (IPM) practices as well as organic and biodynamic vineyards.

Certification Process


Salmon-Safe assessment entails a site inspection focused on watershed impacts from vineyard management. The assessment is "whole farm," meaning Salmon-Safe also evaluates non-vineyard crops and any non-cropped areas.


Salmon-Safe certification for vineyards is valid for three years with annual verification of any recommendations related to improvements in management practices or restoration actions needed.

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