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Construction Management Accreditation

Salmon-Safe accreditation for construction companies is engaging the Northwest's leading contractors in consistently applying best construction site management practices with the goal of achieving zero sediment runoff across their entire operation. First piloted by the Washington operation of Turner Construction, Salmon-Safe's accreditation is the nation’s first independent accreditation program to recognize construction professionals’ excellence in water quality protection practices and it will serve as a vehicle for enhanced accountability in environmental compliance for construction site management in West Coast urban watersheds.

The accreditation program recognizes construction companies who commit to implementing pollutant control and runoff protection measures everywhere they work, even if the sites they are constructing will not necessarily be eligible for Salmon-Safe certification. Accredited companies further commit to ensuring that Salmon-Safe practices are carried out by all subcontractors and employees. In addition, they are advocates for Salmon-Safe best practices in the building and site design phases as much as is possible so that properties are in a better position to receive certification.

Download updated Salmon-Safe Construction Accreditation Standards V2.2 (Dec 2014).
Download the Salmon-Safe Construction Accreditation Application Form.
Download the Salmon-Safe Annual Reporting Form for Construction Accreditation.

Salmon-Safe’s peer-reviewed criteria and rigorous on-site inspections provide validation of environmental performance and public credibility for accredited companies. Salmon-Safe’s high visibility media outreach and ad campaigns can recognize accredited entities, building their reputation for excellence in environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.

Accreditation is for a 3-year period with annual review and entitles the company to display the Salmon-Safe logo and messaging at its construction sites and in other promotion and include its Salmon-Safe accreditation credentials in bids.

Interested in Accreditation?Interested in Accreditation?

For information about participating in piloting Salmon-Safe accreditation for large-scale construction management, please contact:

  • For Puget Sound inquiries, contact Stewardship Partners
  • For British Columbia inquiries, contact Salmon-Safe BC
  • For Oregon and California inquires and any other questions, contact Salmon-Safe 




Salmon-Safe has joined with industry leaders Turner Construction, GLY Construction, and Lease Crutcher Lewis in the Puget Sound-area rollout of construction management accreditation. Here the project is first piloted at Turner Construction's Nintendo campus project site in Redmond, Washington. 

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