Urban Development

Currently being rolled out some of the region's leading Northwest developers including Vulcan at multiple high profile sites around Seattle's South Lake Union, Salmon-Safe development standards are a guide for site developers and designers interested in developing environmentally innovative projects that help restore our urban watersheds. These standards are the most recent effort by Salmon-Safe to promote development that emphasize site ecological function.

Download the Salmon-Safe Development Standards. August 2017 Update 
Download Salmon-Safe model stormwater design guidelines.

An interdisciplinary evaluation team of qualified experts is assigned by Salmon-Safe to the candidate development project to work with the design team during each stage of the design development process. This team is "on-call" for the project development cycle to work with the client in navigating standards and performance requirements. Salmon-Safe's science team can evaluate project decisions and provide consultation at key points throughout the development process, minimizing project design costs by providing recommendations before project decisions are final. 

Even after a project is certified, Salmon-Safe ensures the long-term environmental performance of certified sites through an annual verification process. Salmon-Safe reviews landscape management practices, stormwater systems performance, and other program elements to make sure the project is functioning as designed.

Interested in seeking Salmon-Safe certification for a new development project?

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Salmon-Safe development project assessment team in the field in Sammamish, Washington, with Salmon-Safe staff.
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