Photo by Barrie Kovish

Help Wild Salmon

Be a Salmon Hero

Salmon-Safe's top ten ways you can take action and be a salmon hero!

  1. Take action through Pacific Rivers Council, Trout Unlimited, Save our Wild Salmon and many other advocacy organizations working to protect wild salmon. 
  2. Choose wild salmon rather than farmed
  3. Go pesticide–free in your lawn and garden
  4. Vote with your fork by choosing Salmon-Safe, local, organic, fair trade & Food Alliance
  5. Vote environment by supporting candidates who support free flowing rivers and wild fish
  6. Turn off the lights and reduce energy consumption that imperils Columbia River salmon
  7. Drive less since copper in car brake pads endangers fish salmon
  8. Flame resistant salmon? Avoid clothing and household products containing flame retardants
  9. Make healthy choices for cleaning by using natural products
  10. Restore salmon nation by replacing non-native plants with natives, installing rainwater harvesting systems, and reducing impermeable surfaces