Salmon-Safe Construction Accreditation

Apply best site management practices with the goal of achieving zero sediment runoff

Salmon-Safe’s accreditation is the nation’s first independent accreditation program to recognize construction professionals’ excellence in water quality protection practices.

As a practice-based approach, Salmon-Safe accreditation for construction companies is engaging the Northwest’s leading contractors in consistently applying best construction site management practices with the goal of achieving zero sediment runoff across their entire operation.

First piloted by the Washington operation of Turner Construction, Salmon-Safe has accredited leading contractors in the Pacific Northwest: GLYHoward S. WrightSellenExxel Pacific, W.G. Clark, Venture General Contracting, SkanskaAbbott Construction, Korsmo Construction, Andersen Construction, Absher Construction,  BNBuilders, and JTM Construction.


Qualifying Candidates

  • + Mid-size to large scale construction contractors in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia
  • + Regionally-based construction contractors and regional offices of national companies

Certification Process


Salmon-Safe’s rigorous standards and on-site inspections provide validation of environmental performance and public credibility for accredited contractors.


Once a completed application has been received, Salmon-Safe will schedule site assessments at active projects, depending on project scale and timing. Salmon-Safe also will review project SWPPPs and the candidate firm's policies and procedures related to water quality protection.


Accreditation is for a 3-year period with annual review of active projects. Accreditation entitles the company to display the Salmon-Safe logo and messaging at its construction sites and in other promotion and include its Salmon-Safe accreditation credentials in bids.

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