Salmon-Safe Designer Accreditation

Design environmentally innovative projects that help restore our urban watersheds

Photo Credit: Habitat for Humanity Pierce County

Salmon-Safe’s  designer accreditation is a commitment by professionals in a design practice to key principles related to urban watershed stewardship.

Through thoughtful site planning, implementation of low impact design solutions and use of eco-friendly materials, site designers have the opportunity to contribute to the restoration of our urban watersheds. In this latest in a series of accreditation programs from Salmon-Safe, we seek to partner with design consultants working on buildings, streets, parking areas, and related infrastructure with the intention of protecting downstream water quality and habitat while helping to restore urban ecological function.

Qualifying Candidates

  • + Accreditation for design professionals is a collaborative effort to engage architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, municipal decision makers, land use specialists and sustainability consultants.
  • + Accreditation is at a practice level with the goal of applying Salmon-Safe principles across projects and across stages of development, recognizing individual project constraints.

Certification Process


Salmon-Safe's rigorous accreditation for designers provides validation of environmental commitment throughout the design process.


Once a completed application has been received, Salmon-Safe and its independent experts will conduct a desktop review of one or more active projects as well as an evaluation of the candidate firm's policies and procedures related to water quality protection and urban ecology.


As part of the accreditation evaluation, Salmon-Safe will review a minimum of one large active development site.


Accreditation is for a 3-year period with annual review. Accreditation entitles the design firm to display the Salmon-Safe logo and messaging in its marketing and include its Salmon-Safe accreditation credentials in bids.

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