Salmon-Safe Urban Development Certification

Develop environmentally innovative projects that help restore our urban watersheds

Salmon-Safe’s development standards apply to any large-scale urban project with the goal of elevating environmental performance through design and construction to ongoing operation.

Announcing Climate Oriented Urban Development Standards 3.1

In 2023, Salmon-Safe introduced Urban Development Standards 3.1, reflecting the latest science on 6PPD-Quinone and including a new urban development planning checklist for design and development teams.

For all projects, standards can be applied at any time from schematic design through construction or even existing site operations.

Qualifying Candidates

  • + Urban residential, mixed-use or office building landowners, developers, project managers, site managers or architects
  • + Projects in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and British Columbia
  • + New development or existing projects

Certification Process


An interdisciplinary evaluation team of qualified experts is assigned by Salmon-Safe to the candidate development project to work with the design team during each stage of the design development process.


Salmon-Safe's science team evaluates project decisions and provides consultation at key points throughout the development process, minimizing project design costs by providing recommendations before project decisions are final.


Development project certification is valid for five years, subject to annual verification.

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