Salmon-Safe candidate certification projects are evaluated by independent scientists and leading technical experts

Our projects benefit from a multidisciplinary team of scientists in fields ranging from water quality and stormwater to site remediation and urban ecology to stream restoration and integrated pest management.

Salmon-Safe’s experts are university scientists, independent technical experts and other leaders in fields related to watershed health. For all of our projects, Salmon-Safe assessors are on call for the five-year certification cycle, providing additional expert guidance as needed.

Urban Assessors

Peter Bahls, MS

Salmon Biologist, Northwest Watershed Institute

Mr. Bahls is executive director of Northwest Watershed Institute, a non-profit organization that provides scientific and technical assistance in watershed assessment and restoration. Salmon-Safe science team member since 2003.

Tad Deshler, MS

Water Quality Scientist, Coho Environmental

Mr. Deshler’s practice focuses on environmental assessment and impact analysis, with a particular focus on the interaction between built and natural environments. He also has specialized expertise in sediment assessment and management, risk assessment, and chemical transport and fate studies. Salmon-Safe science team member since 2014.

José Carrasquero, MS

Fisheries and Marine Biologist

Mr. Carrasquero performs feasibility assessments for instream, riparian, and floodplain salmon habitat projects. Salmon-Safe science team member beginning in 2017.

Carrie Foss, MS

Urban IPM Director, Washington State University

Ms. Foss manages the WSU IPM Certification Program in western Washington. Her background includes plant problem diagnosis, research on beneficial microorganisms, and management strategies for turf and ornamental diseases. Salmon-Safe science team member since 2004.

Rich Horner, PhD

Stormwater Scientist, University of Washington professor emeritus

Dr. Horner’s principal research interests involve analyzing the effects of human activities, especially in urban areas, on freshwater ecosystems and solutions that protect these resources. Salmon-Safe science team member since 2004.

Jason King

Landscape Architect, Greenworks

Mr. King is a design-oriented professional with a focus on urban ecological site design, sustainable stormwater, green roofs, master planning, and healthcare projects. Salmon-Safe science team member since 2013.

Chip McConnaha, PhD

Salmon Biologist & Stream Ecologist, ICF International

Dr. McConnaha works throughout the Pacific Northwest and California on fishery issues and watershed restoration for tribal, state, and Federal agencies. Salmon-Safe science team member since 2016.

Chris Webb

Stormwater Scientist, Herrera

Mr. Webb designs high-performance water systems, green stormwater Infrastructure, and complex stormwater retrofits. Salmon-Safe science team member since 2015.

Farm Assessors

Jude Hobbs, MS

Agroecology Northwest

As Salmon-Safe’s chief farm assessor since 1998, Ms. Hobbs has conducted more than 500 Salmon-Safe farm inspections across the Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, and British Columbia. In her consulting, she focuses on providing environmentally sound solutions for farmers via whole systems design, biodiversity enhancement, and related topics.

Kate Machata, MS

7K Environmental

Ms. Machata specializes in wetland and stream ecology and other water related environmental issues, as well as serving as Salmon-Safe’s primary farm assessor in Puget Sound since 2008.

Rob Koch, MS

Apple Leaf

Mr. Koch works nationally conducting agricultural, biological, and food safety assessments for growers. He serves as a technical consultant to Salmon-Safe as well as Puget Sound area farm inspector since 2008.

John Morrison, MS

Emergence Farm to Food Solutions

Mr. Morrison provides certification systems and farm assessment consulting and has served as a Salmon-Safe farm assessor in the interior Columbia Basin since 2010.