Salmon-Safe Grower Survey

Is your farm a great candidate for certification?

Photo Credit: Donna Lasater

An invitation to join the Salmon-Safe grower community

Salmon-Safe’s vision is healthy watersheds, from mountains to the ocean. We believe that farmers, as long-term stewards of the land, play a key role in helping restore salmon tributaries and in maintaining healthy watersheds. This is the case, particularly now, during this time of changing climates. Salmon-Safe certified grower-producers provide inspiring examples of voluntary adoption of best management practices to keep streams healthy enough for salmon, all while earning the ability to utilize the Salmon-Safe message to amplify product value in the marketplace. We invite you to take this survey to help determine if your farm may be a great fit for Salmon-Safe certification and as a way to get to know you. We look forward to connecting with you.


Any information your provide will be entirely confidential and used only for the purposes of learning more about whether your farm is a fit for Salmon-Safe certification. Salmon-Safe does not share lists.


Once you submit your survey, you'll hear back from Salmon-Safe via email with more information about the farm assessment process and our suggested next steps based on your operation and interests. We look forward to being in touch.

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