By sourcing Salmon-Safe hops, leading craft brewers are helping to transform agriculture in the Willamette and Yakima valleys, two key wild salmon watersheds that are the source of 90 percent of US hops.

Craft Breweries Leading a Movement

Acclaimed Northwest and national brewers are building the market for hops grown in an ecologically sustainable manner by sourcing Salmon-Safe certified Yakima and Willamette Valley hops.

Brewers featuring Salmon-Safe hops:
Deschutes Brewery
Full Sail Brewing
Hopworks Urban Brewery
New Belgium
Sierra Nevada
Widmer Bros.
Worthy Brewing
….and many more

Sourcing Salmon-Safe Hops

Willamette Valley
Alluvial Farms
Goschie Farms
Crosby Farms
Annen Brothers

Roy Farms
Green Acre Farms
BT Loftus Ranches (organic parcels)
Cowiche Canyon Britt Farm
Perrault Farms

British Columbia
Hooh Hops
Left Fields

Sierra Nevada Estate Hop Farm

Download the Salmon-Safe Hops Fact Sheet