As a certification label now featured on products from the most environmentally innovative throughout Puget Sound’s agricultural tributaries, Salmon-Safe connects you with your local farmer through Community Supported Agriculture. In collaboration with our Seattle-based collaborating organization Stewardship Partners, we can help you find a CSA that’s both growing healthy food and supporting a healthy Puget Sound watershed.

Check out one of these Salmon-Safe CSAs:

21 Acres Farm

Foggy Ridge Farm

Full Circle Farm

Jubilee Farm

Old Chaser Farm

Osprey Hill Farm

Red Dog Farm

Willow & Mabel Garden Co. (flower share)

Buying healthy food from a Salmon-Safe CSA isn’t just good for you, it’s good for orcas too. Saving Puget Sound salmon has never been more critical than now. Migrating salmon make up most of the orca’s diet. If we can help support a vital salmon population, the orcas are more likely to recover as well.