Returning October 29, 2020, for the first time in a virtual format, was Salmon in the City, our event highlighting innovations in ecologically sustainable urban design and development that protect water quality and our urban watershed. Our “Hero of Salmon” award for 2020 was presented to Skanska, the first contractor to achieve Salmon-Safe accreditation across the Pacific Northwest.


October 29, 2020, via Zoom

Eligible for AIA and GBCI credit.


About the Sessions:

Urban Stormwater and the Fate of Puget Sound: The latest Science

Nat Scholz, Ph.D., NOAA
A leading NOAA scientist on the ecological impacts of stormwater on salmonids, Nat oversees research that addresses pollution-related conservation threats to coastal watersheds and marine habitats.

Envisioning Net Postive Watershed Impact

Brook Muller, Dean of the College of Arts + Architecture, UNC Charlotte
With a focus on ecologically responsive design, Brook’s research and teaching addresses synergies between sustainable architectures and climate adaptive urban landscape.

A New Urban Ecosystem Healthcare Paradigm

Brent Bucknum, Founder, Hyphae Design Laboratories
Based in the former wetlands of West Oakland where he founded Hyphae, an
ecological design and civil engineering firm, Brent’s work is dedicated to bridging the gap between architecture, environmental art and applied biological research.

Inspiration for Ecologically Responsive Cities: Project Highlights

Anna Huttel, RA, Certification Manager, Salmon-Safe
As an architect specializing in green rating systems, Anna helps guide Salmon-Safe candidate projects through site design that aligns with Salmon-Safe principles.

Questions about this event or sponsorship of Salmon in the City Seattle 2021? Contact Molly Ray.