Salmon-Safe Whiskey,
Sipping Saves Salmon.

Look for the Salmon-Safe label on your favorite Pacific Northwest single malt whiskey

Photo Credit: Danny Decker

Leading Northwest distillers are developing whiskeys showcasing Salmon-Safe certified malts.

Whiskey is the latest product from the Pacific Northwest to carry the Salmon-Safe label as distillers source certified malts. Looking for Salmon-Safe whiskey further builds momentum for ecologically sustainable and climate resilient grain growing in watersheds from Walla Walla to the Skagit Valley to the Camas Prairie of Idaho.

To learn about the first Salmon-Safe whiskey from Seattle’s Copperworks Distilling Company, please view the KUOW/NPR feature, “This whiskey is for Protecting Salmon.”

Expanding the market for Salmon-Safe Malt

With respect to malt, Salmon-Safe is partnering with Walla Walla, Washington, based Mainstem Malt to help transition a growing number of environmentally innovative grain growers in the interior Columbia Basin to certified barley malt. We’ve also joined with LINC Malt, and Coldstream Malt to further transition inland Northwest grain growers to certified malt.


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