Introducing Trout-Safe

Certification for Inland Northwest farms

This summer we’re joining place-based partners to introduce Trout-Safe farm certification across Idaho and the Inland Northwest including agricultural tributaries in the upper Snake River watershed.

Partnering with Friends of the Teton River, Henry’s Fork Foundation, and TNC Idaho, we’re piloting a new extension of Salmon-Safe certification, called Trout-Safe. The project is focused on water quality protection and habitat conservation with environmentally innovative malt growers and other farmers across the Inland Northwest. There is no cost to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming growers to participate in the Trout-Safe pilot, including a 3-year certification cycle for eligible growers. For more information about joining the pilot assessments, please email Daniel Wilcox at Henry’s Fork Foundation or Brian Muegge at Salmon-Safe.

The first Trout-Safe certified farm in Idaho is Silver Creek Farm, located adjacent to TNC Idaho’s Silver Creek Preserve. The designation comes after TNC began working with the farm lessee to implement regenerative agriculture practices that will enhance soil health, biodiversity and water quality in the Silver Creek watershed. Read about the Silver Creek Farm certification.

Certified growers can benefit from sales support and Pacific Northwest and national market connections, including emerging demand for certified malt from the craft brewing industry, building on strong and sustained market demand for Salmon-Safe hops. The Trout-Safe pilot, in collaboration with place-based partners and participating growers, will seek to build new market connections for certified crops, particularly malt.